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Ikuta Toma's shapely back

So I'm watching Klute...

And the classy call girl Bree Daniels, played by a shaggy and perpetually perky Jane Fonda, along with private investigator John Klute, played with tight-ass deadpan greatness by Donald Sutherland, are visiting the lair of a cosmopolitan New York madam in search of information.  The scene goes something like this:

Madam [speaking on the telephone]: Whenever it suits you.  Uh…[flips through appointment book] no, make it Monday at 8PM.  I said Monday, 8PM, baby, now don’t be naughty. [hangs up the telephone, giggles, and looks up] He’s a lovely man.  Comes here, spends a bundle of money and never even touches the girls!  Comes from Gross Pointe, has a big house, eight servants…but all he wants to do is come here and scrub out my bathroom.

8PM Monday…Mr. Clean. [giggles again]

Cheesy movie Dominance/submission (and big wicker chairs), circa 1971, brought to you today by marley_station.

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